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Counseling Center
Welcome to Counseling Center
Individual counseling
In counseling sessions, you are the leading role and we play a role of catalyst and guidance. You have the right to decide and direct the conversation about problems, orders and depth in counseling sessions.
Generally, we offer an interview once a week by appointment. Fifty to sixty minutes per session or more/less for special conditions. Counseling is free.
Free services members: For NTHU staff and students, counseling session is 50 minutes each time, once per week, 12 times per semester. It can be adjusted at special cases. 
Confidentiality: Your interview and counseling data will be confidential and organized as secrets. Only with your letter of consent, we can release the data to certain persons. Otherwise, your names, personal data and interview and counseling records will not be released to anyone.Exceptions include:
  1. A condition in which you may endanger your or others’ lives, freedom, property and/or safety.
  2. A condition which involves laws, such as the Children and Teenager Welfare Law, Sexual Offence Crime Prevention Law, Domestic Violence Prevention And Control Law, etc and we have to notify the authority if necessary.



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